Anger + Laughing = Open Source Installation Challenges

OK, I’ve resisted blogging for years now, really what more needs to be said or reiterated. Is there something compelling to be written and learned from this, well I’m not sure and ultimately you’ll be the judge of that. One thing I’ve learned over the years (for me beginning in 1997) is that concise information on the web is hard to find and even harder to piece together into a meaningful outcome. There are lots of people ready to help but more often than not the attempt is incomplete. Generalizing, missing steps, misleading configuration scenarios, etc. I think you get the point. Oh yeah, that’s right we’re talking about open source software and how to successfully install it, that’s what I’m I writing about. It can be quite frustrating getting open source software to install correctly. I don’t know how many times I’ve read a post where a moderator or groupie have stated “it easy you just do this”. Do what, a simple Python command line install. Yes, I’m using Windows how do I do that again? Do I need to have Python installed? If it wasn’t already difficult enough the layers of difficultly are becoming apparent. Try installing opentaps, it ain’t easy, I know. I’ve learned a few things, some I know, some I understand. I’ve always been an advocate for results, not so much the process. Don’t get me wrong, process has its place, especially when installing open source software. I’m going to focus on process because that’s what get results, like error free installations. I’m going to include process in the scenarios I present moving forward but for now I’m going to stop, I’ll pick this up again later.


David Moores

Advanced knowledge of web server deployment, database management systems, and server-side scripting languages. Strengths lie in digital analytics, metric components and the implementation of data tracking methods for mining interpretation. The body of my work has been a balance of problem solving and technical know-how. I love a problem and love solving them even more!

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