Simple PHP banner ad script that requires no MySQL

PHPads is a simple PHP based script that allows for the management of banner advertising rotations.  The user interface includes an administration panel for adding banners while specifying the duration of the ad campaigns.  PHPads creates banner rotation codes to be placed on a website and highlights a simple data statistics tool for campaign performance monitoring and data analysis.  The script is easy to install without the need for MySQL but does require PHP4 or higher to execute.  Originally, PHPads was PixelledADS in 2005.

I use this system in conjunction with Apache SI HTML Tags to insert banner advertisements and configure campaign durations on various sites, like the example below.

As great as PHPads is, it required enhancements (additions, upgrades, and inclusions) to meet the demands of my particular needs.

Here’s the list, including the version and appended enhancements…

PHPads Version 2.0 based on Pixelledads 1.0 by Nile Flores

Google Analytics Event Tracking with analytics.js
GA Event Category:
Typically the object that was interacted with (e.g. ‘Video’)

GA Event Action:
The type of interaction (e.g. ‘Play’)

GA Event Label:
Useful for categorizing events (e.g. ‘Fall Campaign’)
Ad Name & Custom Ad ID

CKEditor 4.7.3 (revision dee99e2)

jQuery Plugin to export HTML tabled to Excel Spreadsheet Compatible Files.
Note:  This plugin is a hack on a hack as described by the developer.  The .xls extension is the only way [some versions] of Excel will even open it giving you a warning about the contents, which can be ignored.

Using PHPads has helped to orchestrate the planning, deployment and effective scheduling of an otherwise cumbersome and manually taxing banner advertising campaign strategy.  What I really like about PHPads is the ability to gather accurate statistical data; quickly generating post-campaign results for client projects speeds up the documentation process.  You know your delivery method is flawless when you hear…

This is great!  I’ll share this at our next board meeting.


David Moores @ NYC

At moorescode, our objectives are to build “first in class” digital experiences that focus on perfecting the customers’ journey.  Our strengths lie in digital analytics, metric components and the implementation of data tracking methods for mining interpretation.  These mechanisms provide the necessary insight to ensure your company’s branding message maintains a unified voice across all touch-points.  With our advanced knowledge of web server deployment, database management systems, and server-side scripting languages we’ve earned a reputation as experts in the web technology sector.

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