An open source blogging platform with inline editing, handlebar templates, and a beautiful user interface.

If you are looking for a lightning fast, visually appealing and ultra-modern blogging platform then Leafpub is for you.

Everybody wants a great looking site, that’s a given but beyond the obvious, the requirements span into a list of other must-have qualities.  Before I’ll even consider installing any “Open Source” software on my server it’s got to meet my finicky requirements.

Here are my “Top 3 Must-Have Open Source Qualities” to get loaded on my server!

  1. Site Speed Performance
  2. Source Code Extensibility
  3. Search Engine Marketability

I know you must be thinking WOW, he’s not very finicky at all, only three qualities?  I can tell you that my number one and three qualities, if lacking, usually stymie installation considerations.  With Open Source it doesn’t matter if it’s free, it’s got to have all three!

GTmetrix Performance Score

Website Speed and Performance Optimization

First and foremost Leafpub is fast;  secondly, it’s built on PHP/MySQL and lastly, it supports Schema.org, Open Graph, and Twitter Cards out-of-the-box.  I’m not going to get into the long list of features or any of the documentation information here.

I was looking for an alternative to Anchor CMS, which I’m also quite fond of when I found Postleaf.  Long story short, in November 2016 Postleaf became Leafpub, that’s when Cory LaViska the founder and Lead Developer of Postleaf handed over the keys to Marc Apfel, now Lead Developer of Leafpub.

I was really impressed by the interaction and user experience design; if it feels right install it, so that’s what I did.  Leafpub requires a web server (Hey I’ve got that, Apache 2.4) running PHP 5.6+ and MySQL 5.5.3+; here it is https://leafpub.moorescode.com/.  I really dig the “Back-End Admin”, it’s super slick and intuitive not to be outdone by a visually modern, responsive “Front-End Site” design, effortless as being readable and navigable.  The Inline Editing feature allows the editor to manage content that looks just like the final page.  What you’re editing will look exactly like what you’ll see when the post is saved.  The site states “Once you try Leafpub, you’ll never want to publish with anything else.“, I tend to agree!

This is what you’ll, well at least I, want in a blogging platform.

As an aside, one of the most distinguishing features of any blog is its capacity for reader engagement.  Blog comments were intentionally left out of the Leafpub core.  Its Lead Developer suggests using DISQUS as a third-party service solution, citing it’s the absolute best way to promote relevant discussion on your blog without the hassle of dealing with traditional comments.

David Moores @ NYC

At moorescode, our objectives are to build “first in class” digital experiences that focus on perfecting the customers’ journey.  Our strengths lie in digital analytics, metric components and the implementation of data tracking methods for mining interpretation.  These mechanisms provide the necessary insight to ensure your company’s branding message maintains a unified voice across all touch-points.  With our advanced knowledge of web server deployment, database management systems, and server-side scripting languages we’ve earned a reputation as experts in the web technology sector.

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