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“The absolute gem of the event lies in the networking and social interaction on the show floor with fellow “Dx3’ers.”

Dx3 marks its seventh year at Metro Toronto Convention Centre last week on Wednesday, March 7th & Thursday, March 8th.  I made a decision last year to attend in 2018 so that I could make a qualified assessment of what Dx3 was really all about.  Well it’s been a couple of days and I’ve had time to digest Dx3 2018; I’ll leave my expectations and disappointments out of this and focus on the reality of the experience, ready?

For this my second year (click here to read last years post), the keynote speakers were very good as was the case last year.  The show floor was, well “déjà vu“, very typical/similar to 2017 and as I’ve come to expect from conferences I’ve attended over the years.  It’s easy to be critical about certain aspects of the conference but in general terms, the core of what makes for an entertaining experience is there.  The absolute gem of the event lies in the networking and social interaction on the show floor with fellow “Dx3’ers“, that’s what makes or breaks the experience in my opinion.  I decided to make more time for socializing this time around and found that to be the most enjoyable part of the conference.

I believe expectations to be the “x-factor” and have the most potential to positively impact the overall experience.  Yes, I expect to enjoy myself, leave a bit wiser, feeling there was real value in the time spent; sadly I feel unaffected, indifferent.  Now that sounds kind of depressing, maybe misleading and certainly unflattering to Dx3 but I can assure you that I did enjoy myself.  Wiser?  Nah.  Real value?  Kinda, because honestly, I went on the cheap this year, the Show Floor Pass.   Again, I circle back to the networking and socializing, that’s where the “real value” of the conference shines, perceived or not.  My hope for Dx3 is to reveal that “x-factor” each and every year because in my opinion the digital marketing and retail components of the conference alone aren’t enough to sustain and grow the attending digital audience; Dx-factor3 – Everything you want and can be for 2019

Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to what comes next for Dx3.


David Moores @ NYC

At moorescode, our objectives are to build “first in class” digital experiences that focus on perfecting the customers’ journey.  Our strengths lie in digital analytics, metric components and the implementation of data tracking methods for mining interpretation.  These mechanisms provide the necessary insight to ensure your company’s branding message maintains a unified voice across all touch-points.  With our advanced knowledge of web server deployment, database management systems, and server-side scripting languages we’ve earned a reputation as experts in the web technology sector.

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