moorescode is an e-commerce, digital and consulting outfit located in Barrie, Ontario.  Specializing in solving e-commerce platform limitations with creative coding techniques to positively influence your digital marketing efforts.  The result is improved functionality, enhanced feature set, site engagement and better overall customer experiences.

How We/I Got Started

Our story begins in 1999 with a domain named called moorescode and a dream to launch a web hosting business, unfortunately, David didn’t have the technical expertise necessary to set-up DNS and deploy a web server.  David’s passion for web design, hosting and maintaining websites took off in the latter part of 1999.  That’s when he came up with the name moorescode and what would eventually evolve into moorescode as it is today.

In the years between 1999 and 2003 countless hours of research, study, theory and practical scenarios were beginning to pay off.  David had gained a practical, self-taught understanding of Apache web server technology through trial & error.  Taking the fundamentals of what he had learned about Apache web servers and applying security modules to lock down and minimize vulnerabilities, he was ready to start his business, that’s when moorescode opened its “Ports” for business.  Now with a focus on e-commerce, digital and consulting moorescode has grown into itself.


No bachelor's degree here, just good old-fashioned experience, assurance in the results and a love for learning digital.

No bachelor’s degree here, just good old-fashioned experience, assurance in the results and a love for learning digital.

Credentials:  We’re in sync with today’s web technology standards!

Social Marketing Certification – Hootsuite Academy

Shopping Advertising – Google Partners

AdWords Fundamentals – Google Partners

DoubleClick Rich Media Fundamentals – DoubleClick by Google

Google Web Designer Fundamentals Certified – Google Web Designer

Analytics Certification – Google Partners

Google Tag Manager Fundamentals – Google Analytics Academy

Mobile App Analytics Fundamentals – Google Analytics Academy

Ecommerce Analytics: From Data to Decisions – Google Analytics Academy

Google Analytics Platform Principles – Google Analytics Academy

Digital Analytics Fundamentals – Google Analytics Academy



A great e-commerce experience is only superceded by excellent customer service!