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The essence of “consulting” is really just “getting good advice“, presumably from a qualified consultant.  So it would be wise to qualify your potential consultant before receiving their advice or consultation.  That means the real work begins with you because the actions you take on the advice you receive could make or break you and your business.  Now the big question here is how do we measure qualifications and ensure that our best interest (our business) is at the heart of the consultation process.  Well, to determine whether or not your consultant meets the scope of your business demands you should consider three areas of concern; professional credentials, client portfolio and metrics driven results as evidence of good/great qualifications.

Simply ask your potential consultant these three questions to determine their competency…

  1.  What do you know?  (prove)
  2.  Whom have you helped?  (references)
  3.  Show me the results?  (happy)

Your consultant should be able to “prove their references are happy“.  If not, it’s time to move on to the next candidate, you’ve got to know and feel like they can do the job right, for you!

So you might be asking yourself about moorescode, can they do the job right?

Or better yet can we “prove our references are happy“?  Good question…

Ask moorescode how we can take your established or emerging “digital business” beyond the cloud, I mean the web server!