“Businesses need options suited for e-commerce and large web sites that generate high traffic volumes requiring unique software.”

Hosting?  No not a party, a website.  

Two considerations here basically, business or pleasure?  Once you’ve answered that question it becomes easier to figure out which path you’re going to head down.  So let’s forget all about business for a minute and have some fun, yes, the pleasure option.

Your two best options are:

  1. Free Hosting is best suited for small sites with low traffic, like personal sites.

Good, it’s free!

Bad, you get what you didn’t pay for.

  1. Shared (Virtual) Hosting sites can have their own domain name, and are hosted on a powerful server with other web sites.

Good, lower costs, multiple software solutions and good support.Good, lower costs, multiple software solutions and good support.

Bad, reduced security, restrictions on traffic volume, databases and software support.

The point being here is no one loses too much sleep if your site goes offline on occasion, which would be disastrous for an e-commerce store hosted on a free site, bad move.

Now lets get to business, two similar but different options:

  1. Dedicated Hosting allows your web site to be hosted on a dedicated server.

Good, for large business, high traffic, multiple domain names, email solutions, database and software support.

Bad, expensive and requires higher skills.

  1. Collocated Hosting lets you place your own web server on the premises (locations) of a service provider.

Good, high bandwidth, up-time, security and unlimited software options.

Bad, expensive, requires higher skills and is harder to configure / debug.

Again the point, it’s business, you’re going to need options better suited for e-commerce and large web sites that generate higher traffic volumes that might have unique software requirements.

If you’re having difficulty trying to fit into a hosting solution remember business or pleasure.  Once you answer that question we can help you with the detail.

Oh one last thing, if you answered pleasure check out  You’ll be surprised what you can do with their solutions, it’s liberating to say the least!